Events. Culture. Community.

CONNEKT consists of four creatives who were born and raised in Amsterdam. For us, Amsterdam stands for creativity, talent, conviviality, equality and togetherness.

These aspects represent the roots of what CONNEKT has become, stands for and strives to continue doing in the future.

“It was all a dream….” Well, let’s say that a burning question for us has always been on how to ensure that we could keep contributing to our surrounding community, where Hip Hop would be the driving force behind it. An even more relevant question became; how can we stimulate talent development within the creative industry for people with a multicultural background? The answers to these questions were given to us shortly after the first few organized hip-hop events where the youth had the ability to showcase their talent. This quickly led to setting the stones for even more organized club events, festivals, black lives matter movie nights and pub quizzes. We became a hip-hop platform who stimulates talent development in the broadest sense of the word.

CONNEKT is a creative startup from Amsterdam. As young and creative entrepreneurs, we wanted to add something new, relevant to our community and consistent with the idea we have of organized events within the industry. We use “connection" as the ultimate starting point. CONNEKT tries to bind consumers to its brand in an innovative way at every event. This is reflected in our online content. CONNEKT would not be CONNEKT if we did not distinguish ourselves and continue to entertain our target audience in a creative way. Have a look at our projects to see what we have been doing.

Our Projects.

Club Night Series

CONNEKT believes that every individual has talent that needs to be heard! By building a strong community, hosting events and creating a platform where beginning and established artists can showcase their musical talent.
CONNEKT is a group of creative individuals with a broad background. Each CONNEKT individual has their own strength in artist management, marketing, finance, creating concepts and visual arts. Combining these set of creatives forms the foundation of the CONNEKT brand.

- Club Up
- Paradiso
- Jimmy Woo
- Club Jack
- Haas & Popi
- Club AIR.

- Afrolosjes
- Vunzige Deuntjes
- OH MY!.  

Kweekvijver Festival.

Get to know Kweekvijver Festival; the first edition of this festival took place on 31ST of August 2019 on the beach of IJburg. For more than a thousand people.

IJburg has been a breeding ground where talented artists have manifested themselves. By collaborating with those artists, such as Adje, Cho, Bokoesam, Wiwa and many others, we created a giving back event for the youth. At this festival, you will find all kinds of activities. Such as a talent stage, where the youth can develop their DJ or rap skills. We also created a free BBQ, ice cream, popcorn and games stand for the kids. The best part of all? It's free and for all ages!

Connekt Clubquiz.

Your favorite club night CONNEKT broadens its offer by organizing live clubquizes, with DJs!
The CONNEKT club quiz is organized for the rap geniuses among us. As a team, your knowledge will be tested with questions on new school artists such as Burna Boy, Drake and Frenna. But also on old-school songs from artists such as Destiny Child, Fat Joe and Lil Wayne. Our goal with this program is to create togetherness, have fun and to offer an alternative for going out at night. The program starts at 7:00 pm until 11:30 pm.

Connekt Movie Nights.

In collaboration with Compagnietheater we introduced a Black Lives Matter movie night special. This time we checked out the nineties classic Higher Learning (1995) featuring Ice Cube, Omar Epps, Laurence Fishburne, Regina King, Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks. A movie covering racial hatred, sexism and prejudice.

After the movie, spoken word artist Shan Flechsig performed a nice poem highlighting different topics potrayed in the movie. At the end of the night, the bar remained open for those who wanted to chill and have a chat. Each CONNEKT night is all about coming together.

What is a movie night without some nice soulfood! At our BLM edition we provided catering service to our visitors. Visitors have the possibility to order the food online or before the movie starts.

Break It Down.

Break it down is a music platform that gives artists in the Netherlands the opportunity to pause and break down their lyrics and to play and showcase their exclusive and unreleased music.
You can stay up to date by subscribing to our Break It down channel here.